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Szigony Technologies provides platform for Web Development Solutions. Our platform enables to Access, Management, Integration, Consolidation, Sharing and Distribution, Analytics and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

We support Big Data across heterogeneous enterprise Platforms, such as platforms intended for Global and National/Regional Organizations. Our solutions are cloud hybrid ecosystems that are designed to be mission critical and to operate in environments that have volatile infrastructure such as remote and rural access locations.

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    We are specialists in extraction of data from unstructured media to structured format. Comparison of one competitor’s data with another is made easier with visualization tools. But these tools do not have any Artificial Intelligence to cleanse the data from the actual source they require a valid data set.


    We offer complete, scalable, market-leading solutions on a simplicity-filled and user-friendly portal with real-time, efficient reporting.

  • Cost Efficient

    Once fully integrated, our solution improves the existing systems efficiency by providing optimal performance and simultaneously authenticating data, while eliminating upfront costs of hardware replacement, software licensing, as well as training.

  • Secure

    To ensure the validity of information, many “plug-in” options are available to deepen the levels of security, such as photo recognition, QR codes, mobile apps, text in confirmations, electronic signatures, holograms and even multi-module bio-metrics.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Seeks out trends within the data to analyze “cause and effect” for all anomalies found in population management, refugee registration, epidemic tracking, medication reallocation, registration administration and even financial inclusion projects.

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